Wednesday, May 04, 2011

When I was 10 years old I told my parents that when I turn 16, I was going to buy a motorcycle, drive cross country from our house in Virginia to California and become a comedian. Well, I did it, albeit it took a little longer than I expected. I became a comedian in my 30’s, I moved to Los Angeles in my 40’s and just this week bought a motorcycle – in my . . oh, never mind! Yamaha 650 V-star for you bikers. I actually bought a motor scooter a couple years ago as a warm up… I bought it because that’s what happens when you wreck it on the test drive (true!). But I really did like it, and now I decided to move up, and my new goal is to now be able to get it into 1st gear without stalling . . . I’m sure it’ll happen. I went from 80 cc’s on the scooter to 650 cc’s. . more power baby!

My first ride this past Saturday was 2 hours and only one person yelled something at me. I’m pretty sure it was not that he liked my bike, but luckily between the engine noise and my helmet, I couldn’t hear him. I am having a problem with stalling out though. After trying repeatedly to get it into first gear, two 10-year-old boys asked me if I needed help. I said, that I’m fine, it’s just a new bike. They both gave the thumbs up and said “cooolll.” I’m not sure what type of help they could’ve given me. . .a ride on their handle bars.

ANYWAY.. . I’m off to ride this weekend. . .see my cool pics below!



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