Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Travels!

Today's blog is about nothing in particular except random travels.. .  .I'm getting more and more work on the east coast, which is great for frequent flyer miles, but not so great for my sleeping! I was just in D.C. doing my Finding the Funny in Communicaitons program (how to put humor into your business communications to get what you want) for some volunteer leaders, and it went great! They were very receptive to adding humor to their communications to get people to listen to them and get involved in their organization.

I also went to vegas - okay that was a few weeks ago. . .saw the sharks at Mandalay Bay, along with some cute fishes. . . though we didn't sleep with them. Get it? ha ha. . see why I'm a comedian. I met up with my sister & her family there. . .lots of fun - see a fish we met below. . .
 Ok, I've also been in Pennsylvania for 2 different groups and right now I'm headed up to Monterey this weekend.. .for fun. No one wants me to speak (unless spoken to I guess). OH, and the best news. . .which I will elaborate on when i actually get some things squared away here. . .I passed the motorcycle DMV written test today and passed the driving part the other week (actually I took a class that allowed me to waive the driving part if i passed. . .and I did). I ALSO had to take part of the drivers written test today because CA wants people to - instead of just blanketly renewing their license. I guess since my picture is 11  years old, they want me to actually look like it! That's fine, except i didn't realize they were going to take it today. . .so I'm now stuck with a crappy picture AGAIN. More on the cycle next week. I actually bought one, but i can't pick it up yet . . .I'm very excited.

I'm in town (LA that is) all of next week and then off to the midwest for some fun programs and to hang out with Kent Rader. . .the co-star with me in the Baby Boomer Comedy Show. . .more on that later as well.

Have a great weekend.. . life is great!



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