Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Hiking in Death Valley!

Okay, my 2nd favorite (old) sport is hiking the national parks. . last week it was death valley where it actually SNOWED in the desert! Very cool.. .or FREEZING I might add. But we hit most all of the major hikes in the 2 days before the snow, and then did a few in-doorish type things for the snow days.

We went to see Scotty's Castle (below) . .a millionaire guy befriended Scotty and made him a castle. . long story, that just makes me wonder why things like that NEVER happen to me (millionaire befriending a comedian???).

AND we went to Death Valley Junction to the Amargosa Opera House (below) to see Marta Beckett. She moved there like a million years ago and fixed up an opera house so that she'd have a place to perform in. It was my 4th time there (Ron's 5th) and Marta still gets on stage once a week to do a show... though at 80+ years old, she actually did sit down theater (the opposite of standup comedy). We also stayed in the haunted motel .. something that needs fixing up. . .and we got room 9, which was the most "active." We met some ghost-busters who came in to our room at 3 a.m. to do a reading. And YES, we heard a ghost tell us to "get out."

If I did it right, I've got pictures up on Facebook of our experience. . .what a fun trip!
More later on the ghosts. . .oh, and by the way, if you didn't know, death valley is in Nevada. . .how do I know that. . . ???

Take care!


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