Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My new favorite sport!

I went snowshoeing for the first time ever this past Sunday - WHAT A BLAST!! We (me, Diane and Sharon) went up a tram in Palm Springs to the top of the mountain where they had 3-4 feet of snow at least. There were tons of trails, and even though by my calculation there had to be at least 3000 people up there (tram holds 80, goes up every 10 minutes startign at 8 a.m.), we really didn't see many people at all. The day was gorgeous - it said 18 degrees, but it was definately warmer than that and no wind.

None of us had ever done this before, but it didn't take any instruction to figure out. . .it's just hiking with big pancakes on your feet. Now I've got a new sport that I can spend my $ on. . .though if you buy the shoes, you can probably snow shoe on mountains for free.

The tram in Palm Springs (not free!), was fun - it rotates around so you can see 360 as you go up and down the mountain. Click on the link above. . .they've got a webcam.  We snow shoed for 3 hours and then had fries and beers in the cocktail lounge - we didn't go to the restaurant because as Sharon pointed out "cocktail lounge implies no kids!"

Okay, just thought I'd point out my fun weekend. I'm off to Death Valley at the end of the week. . .2 complete ends of the spectrum!


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