Friday, June 29, 2012

Traveling the Smokey Rocky Mountains

Okay, I’m trying to resurrect this comedy travel blog one last time because I go to some neat (is that still a word) places! Last week I was in Pueblo, Colorado doing a show for a women’s event. . .but I also got to hike in Garden of the Gods and Rocky Mountain National Park! Great places . . . and I’m so sorry to see the fires that are ravishing the parks.

I brought my friend Diane with me and we had some memorable experiences. . . like Pikes Peak. 1.5 hours up to the top via the train and they wouldn’t let us off due to a gas leak.  .AHHH. We turned around and headed back down. I felt bad for one woman who told me on the way up that she had to go to the bathroom so bad she didn’t know if she’d make it. When they wouldn’t let us off the train, she burst into tears. On the way down we made a special stop for her to run behind a tree. . .while 100 or so people waited for her. Then we went down further and stopped at the mid-way point for all of us to use the porta potties. I can’t say the staff was especially nice – the woman on the microphone must have been new because she read from a script. And even though the train wasn’t packed, she would not let anyone get up from their seats and “cross the aisle” when there was something to look at on the other side. I guess the power of the mic went to her head!

Pueblo was fun . . .once we found a place to hike! (picture). The hotel desk clerk had no idea that there was a mountain with hiking trails 30 minutes from the hotel. She sent us to a nature center. The woman there was on the phone for so long that we gave up and ended up talking with some locals who sent us to Beulah, CO. Cute, small (like 2 stores) town. . the woman at one of the stores told us where the hiking trails were. . .

We wrapped up the trip by having a drink at the Stanley Hotel – which is the prototype for the hotel in the movie The Shinning. It was fun and scenic.

This week I’m in Chicago. . .no hiking, but lots of radio. We’re doing our Baby Boomer Comedy Show ( for the good folks at Zanies Comedy Club. If you’re nearby, come on down!



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